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The Cake & Bake Show, Manchester

18 Apr

On the 5th April we visited the Cake and Bake Show at Manchester Central. I’d previously snapped up tickets for only £7, which I think was a bargain considering all of the free samples we rounded up!


We took the tram into Manchester, stopping to assist a man, lost with a delicious-looking tray of bread covered in grapes. I suggested he come with us seeing as we were all heading to the same place. He chatted to us about baking at home (and the lack of signage in Manchester..), and we later realised it was Brendan Lynch of The Great British Bake-Off fame. He was so down-to-earth and my son is now his biggest fan! He kindly stopped for a photo with my very enthusiastic son.


The arena was full of stalls boasting squidgy brownies, cupcakes, occasion cakes, cake decorating equipment (hundreds of different types of sprinkles and cake cases) marshmallows, pies, breads, cookbooks and baking paraphernalia.




Of course, we found the ideal photo opportunity in a giant icing sugar box…

Brendan Lynch and Catherine Dresser in action:

A giant gingerbread house:

It was a fantastic day out, especially after the so-busy-you-can’t-push-the-pushchair-even-one-inch-ness had passed. I may even have bought a new cookbook (psssst it’s ‘Glamour Cakes’ by Eric Lanlard..), so I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes and techniques!

Pear Cake from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook

26 Feb

Today, I cooked the ‘Pear Cake’ from ‘The Meat Free Monday Cookbook’. It was moist and tasty, even though I used fewer pears than it suggested.


Through halted trips to the meat market (both children had chicken-pox and when I eventually went, the market was closed!) and a general effort to save money, we actually managed 6/7 meat-free days last week ( with sausages and mash for the other 1). This is the first recipe I’ve tried from the Meat Free book, although all of the others look delicious too.


Over the last week, I have cooked;
Tomato soup and grilled cheese hearts from Motherhood on the Rocks
White bean and kale stew from Whole Living
Cheese quesadillas (made by my husband)
Moroccan shepherd’s pie from Jessica Cox
Vegetable lasagne – I blogged about this HERE
Red lentil and sweet potato stew also from Whole Living

Victoria Sponge Cake

26 Apr

Victoria Sponge Cake