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Beef and Vegetable Soup (Slow Cooker Ready Meals)

3 May


To save time, money and leftover vegetables, I like to pre-prepare meals in freezer bags and freeze them. Then they can be taken out in the morning, thrown (not literally) into the slow cooker and left all day with very nearly nothing left to do. The freezer bags can be prepared in bulk, as several different meals and it’s very easy.

I like to work out what I want to make with the ingredients I have, line up all of the freezer bags (I use gallon ones from eBay), then chop up all the vegetables at the same time and add the correct amount to each bag. Then I just write on the bag; what it is; what needs to be added at the time of cooking (usually water/stock); how long it needs cooking for; when it went into the freezer. All I need to do is cook some rice/potatoes/butter some bread and it’s done!

I wish I had an ‘after’ picture of the soup, but it was gobbled up too quickly! The recipe can be found here, where there are also more details and recipes. I pick up a lot of other freezer meal recipes on Pinterest.